What should be paid attention to when purchasing small electric fans


Small electric fans are commonly used household appliances. What should be paid attention to when purchasing a small electric fan? Next, I will provide you with a detailed introduction.
The hot summer is coming soon, so your best friend in summer is certainly an electric fan. Because the cool wind brought by the electric fan will blow you away and give you a cool summer. The wind blown by an electric fan is closest to natural wind, which is the biggest advantage compared to air conditioning. If you frequently blow the air conditioning, you will get air conditioning diseases. Therefore, purchasing an electric fan this summer is the best choice. So, the most important thing to buy an electric fan is to choose it,
Advantages of small electric fans and fans
Health enthusiasts: The small electric fan has a gentle breeze, allowing you to use the breeze like a breeze fan during the day and night, and use it to be cool and pleasant. Staying up late will not cause dizziness, stomach pain, and other discomfort. If you use it for a long time without any discomfort to the human body, it will be a true healthcare enthusiast.
Energy saving and economy: The small electric fan adopts a permanent magnet structure, with low power, suitable wind speed, and more energy-saving economy. Even if the air conditioning is installed in a home or modern office area, when the temperature of the air conditioning increases by 3 degrees, it is equipped with a breeze ceiling fan/breathing fan. It will feel cool and is a recommended fan for building a modern energy-saving society.
Health enthusiasts: Modern people use air conditioning for a long time to get sick from air conditioning. In air-conditioned rooms, small electric fans can be used to regulate indoor air, allowing fresh and cold air to circulate. This method is economical and healthy.
The working principle of a small electric fan:
The working principle of a small electric fan is the same as that of a regular fan, but the overall design of a small electric fan is relatively simple. The main components of an electric fan are: an AC motor
The working principle is that the energized coil rotates through a force in a magnetic field. The form of energy conversion is: electrical energy is mainly converted into mechanical energy, and due to the resistance of the coil, some inevitable electrical energy is converted into thermal energy.
When the electric fan is working (assuming there is no heat transfer between the room and the outside), the temperature inside the room not only decreases but also increases. Let's analyze the cause of temperature rise: When the electric fan is working, due to the current passing through the coil of the fan and the resistance of the wires, heat inevitably generates heat, so the temperature will rise. But why do people feel so cool? Due to the large amount of sweat on the surface of the human body, when the electric fan is working, the air in the room will flow, which can promote the rapid evaporation of sweat. Combined with evaporation, it needs to absorb a large amount of heat, so people will feel cool.
What are the options for purchasing a small electric fan:
Certified: When consumers purchase electric fans, they must read the instructions to see if they have obtained mandatory quality system certification, inspection standards, and other certifications. At the same time, their advocacy for environmental protection and low-carbon also depends on whether they meet national energy efficiency standards..
Low noise: The main component of noise generated by electric fans is the motor. When selecting an electric fan, be sure to hear noise while the motor is running and check if the motor is shaking and stable during operation; A good motor can keep you in a quiet environment. In the middle, I only heard the whispers of the wind, and the ultra quiet air supply was a great fan.
No odor: The odor is the odor of insulation paint on the copper of the electric fan. Smell a smell when purchasing an electric fan


Pay attention to these three points when choosing an electric fan

Electric fans are widely recognized by consumers due to their low energy consumption, affordable prices, and convenient use. However, based on the inspection results of electric fan products, some electric fans have problems such as unclear identification, large gap between mesh covers, thin power lines, some parts that do not meet the requirements for heat and fire resistance, and weak stability, which pose varying degrees of safety risks.

Electric fans enter the best-selling season, and technological upgrades usher in new opportunities for development

On May 28th, the south welcomed the first round of large-scale hot and stuffy weather this year, with temperatures exceeding 35 ℃ in many places such as Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, and Hefei, giving people the feeling of "summer in a second". The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) recently released its latest assessment report, stating that the possibility of an El Ni ñ o climate phenomenon in the Pacific region this year is increasing, and it is expected to bring high temperatures and extreme weather.

Precautions for using household electric fans, mastering the correct methods can prevent physical discomfort A sense of humor

Electric fans are tools used to drive away high temperatures in summer, but there are always people who, due to improper use, directly cause physical discomfort, such as body acid, dizziness, mainly due to improper use of electric fans. Therefore, how to avoid these wrong practices should be read the precautions for using electric fans. Precautions for using an electric fan, which provides a detailed description of common situations and discomfort during use. It should be modified according to one's own problems and should not harm the body for the sake of temporary coolness. The specific steps are as follows: